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Concessions Manufacturing Co. LLC
"World's Leading Manufacturer of Kettle Corn Cookers!"
34320 South 620 Road | PO Box 450430 | Grove, OK 74345-0430
phone: 888-POPCORN/918-786-5100 | fax: 918-786-2498
email: info@kettlepopcorn.net

® As featured on "THE VIEW" (ABC) July 3, 2006

about us

Image - Howard Turrel Owner/Manager Image - Danny Turrel Sales Manager Image - Tiger Tracy - Administrative Assistant/Secretary
Howard - Owner/Manager
Dan - Sales Manager
Tiger - Administrative Assistant
[Image - Debra Mohammed - Comptroller/Accounting] [Image - Bill Arbuckle - Production Manager/Shop Foreman] [Susan - Tradeshows]
Debbie - Accounting
Bill - Production Manager
Susan - Tradeshows


Concessions Manufacturing Co. LLC. is an American company that brings over 45 years of experience and knowledge to the table in the food development, light manufacturing and the equipment business. Years of experience include several other American companies that we have owned and operated through the years, whereas we developed and marketed various unique food products, receiving patents on the related specialty food processing equipment. This experience and knowledge is invaluable in the research and development of new products…as was the case when we developed our Patented and Award Winning “Ye Olde Kettle Cooker®”.


Concessions Manufacturing is firmly established within the business world, with both domestic and international sales. The manufacture and sales of our concession equipment is our business…not a sideline or some “make them as we sell them” part time operation. We maintain corporate offices with regular business hours of operation, fully staffed with administrative, technical and sales personnel; employ the services of professional engineers, consultants, manufacturing specialists and marketing experts; and carry complete inventories on parts and product lines.


We feel it is important for you as a customer, or potential customer, to know about us, our background, reputation within the industry, and commitment to provide you with the finest quality product possible. It should be comforting to know that we have staid the course…year in and year out. Unlike some fortune seekers who jump on a good thing, weld up a low quality knock-off toy of a cooker, sell cheap and are gone before you know it…we are not “here today - gone tomorrow”. Customer support is a key element to our continued success. We are here to serve, help, and consult with you, to make sure your equipment is the absolute best on the market and to keep it operating at peak performance.


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