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® As featured on "THE VIEW" (ABC) July 3, 2006

Testimonial & Success Stories

Cooker Owner Testimonials & Success Stories



Monroe F. (Texas):

"Thanks for the quick response to my email, and the technical info on getting my blue flame back, and in cleaning the cooker bowl. Your customer support is always exceptional.  We are starting our year off with a good note.  Thanks for getting me in the business.  The cooker is great!  Pushing 11 years old, and opeates as good as new." 


Ray S. - (Kansas):

"I can't emphasis how much I wish all 3 of my cookers were Ye Olde Kettle Cookers...Northbend can't hold a candle to them!! 

I've been in the kettle popcorn business for several years.  My first 2 cookers were Northbend units, and I thought I was reasonably pleased with them.  I had heard exceptionally good comments on the Ye Olde Kettle Cooker, and had run into your unit from time to time at events.  Having liked the look of the Ye Olde Kettle Cooker, and the reputation of being a high production, durable cooker, I picked one up as my third cooker; having run into an excellent deal on a real clean used unit.  The automatic mixer was also quite an enticement, and it is an amazing accessory.  I must say that I am very pleased with the quality of the Ye Olde Kettle Cooker, the safety features, overall look of the cooker, it's production and the quality of the kettle popcorn produced.

As an added bonus, and something I didn't expect, the Ye Olde Kettle Cooker pops the corn much bigger; and I get much more saleable product from the exact same amount of kernels, than I get from my Northbend cookers.  I can't explain it, only to say it must be in the engineering or something.  Again...I wish all three of my cookers were Ye Olde Kettle Cookers."

Cal and Donna M. - West Winds Kettle Corn (Canada):

We are very impressed with our new equipment, it is just wonderful to work with our Ye Olde Kettle Cooker.  As we found out very quickly, it is actually making us more money than our old style equipment.  We are using less oil per batch and getting more popcorn popped, with the same measurements of corn, than with the old equipment.  Also, very rarely do we get any burnt popped corn, another plus.


2000 - 2009

Cal and Donna M. - West Winds Kettle Corn (Canada):

We received our concession trailer setup on Monday, it was in good shape when it came off the truck.  We are very impressed with it and can't wait until the sign-age is put on, and that's in the works already.  We admittedly had high expectations, having heard nothing but positive comments on your equipment, however your equipment actually exceeded our expectations.  You're Ye Olde Kettle Cooker is so much more impressive than the photos show; and by far more professionally made and better quality than the kettle cooker we've been using.  We have been very busy this week with the trailer getting it certifed into Canada, which has so far went smoothly.  We have some good events lined up starting in the spring, and look forward to working with our new equipment.  We will forward photos once we have all the sign-age on the trailer. 

Joe and Arlene G. (MD)...IN THEIR OWN WORDS:

It has been our experience in the short amount of time that we have had our Ye Olde Kettle Cooker®, that no matter what event, show, or festival we are at, people are truly impressed and amazed with our cooker. It is no doubt the "King of Kettle Cookers." And it makes the best-tasting Kettle Popcorn ever! Here are a few stories I'd like to share with you:

We just took delivery of our Ye Olde Kettle Cooker® in mid-August of 2005 and thought we would start off our first season with something "slow, simple, and easy." It was the Labor Day holiday weekend and we set-up in the parking lot of a local Outlet Mall, which is conveniently located off the main route to Maryland's beach resort, Ocean City. Although the Mall was under going a major renovation project, we remained hopeful with anticipation from the high volume of holiday beach traffic. Unfortunately, it was the gas prices that were high, the Mall traffic was down, and our sales were slow. So why are we sharing this story? Well, you just never know how things will unfold. On the last day a couple stopped by our tent and sampled our German Kettle Popcorn®. "Delicious," they said. "Best Kettle Popcorn we've ever had." They were quite impressed with our set-up and quality product, and began to ask a lot of questions related to the business side of our operation. Being novices, we thought this was all a little odd for customers purchasing Kettle Popcorn! They asked us for a business card and we soon learned that they owned their own catering business and were responsible for booking the food and snack vendors at various festivals, shows, and events. They were in need of a Kettle Popcorn vendor for an upcoming event. That event was an annual book festival and it was our most profitable show of our first season. On Saturday of the festival, we cooked non-stop, with no break, from 12pm-7pm. Nothing slow about that! We grossed just over $2600 for the 2½ day festival.

So far in 2006, we have worked a boat show that is recognized as the "Chesapeake's premier spring in-water boat show." We don't have any figures on how many boats were actually sold, but we can tell you this: we moved enough German Kettle Popcorn® over the weekend that the salesman who was located directly across from us, and had been watching our operation from the expensive yacht he was trying to sell, walked by our tent at the end of the show and said, "I'm in the wrong business, I should be selling popcorn." We don't know what his commission was, but we made $1365.

The following weekend we worked a bridge walk, an annual event where people can walk a 4.3 mile bridge span over the Chesapeake Bay. We made $959 in 5 hours. We were set up at the same location as the boat show and my wife, Arlene, overheard a customer make this remark to someone as he walked by the tent, "Hey, there's those Kettle Popcorn people again. They're the only ones who were making money at the boat show."

In early June, we worked a local annual one-day festival. We didn't realize it at the time, but in May the Food Network aired the "Unwrapped" episode on Amusements Parks featuring Ye Olde Kettle Cooker® on 4 different occasions. I can't tell you the number of times that people came up to us at the festival and said, "Hey, I saw this cooker on the Food Network!" That was great exposure for us as we made $783 on a cloudy, rain-in-the forecast kind of day.


Pete H. (PA) Pete shared a wonderful story with us, and is one of our absolute favorite testimonials. Pete was doing a show that went from comfortably steady to absolutely swamped, resulting in a very, very, very long line�as Pete puts it. Cooking non-stop, and without a break he started feeling ill. Being diabetic Pete knew it was his sugar level, and if he didn't immediately get it under control he would be in serious trouble, the least of which would be having to shut down for the rest of the day.


Pete apologetically informed the long line of customers of the situation, and that he was going to have to take his medicine and take a break from popping. Pete took his insulin and laid down on the ground for a full hour , and much to his surprise not a single person got out of line. The crowd waited in line for their German Kettle Popcorn�, for the entire hour until Pete was feeling better, constantly asking him how he was doing, if they could do anything to help� and encouraging him by saying that waiting till he felt better was not a problem. That's dedication and those were great customers!



Dave & Debbie S. (NY) Dave & Debbie worked a 12 day Fair in Syracuse, New York. The Fair hours were 10:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m.. They cooked nonstop from 10 till 10 without out a hitch. Their original goal when they bought the cooker was to make enough money the first year to pay their expenses, establish a route of events�and hopefully make a little profit for themselves. Well they were fooled! After the Fair was over they made enough to cover their space, as well as all the other expenses associated with the Fair� and totally recovered their entire investment in the cooker . Great Job!!!!


Ed H. (PA) Ed has an excellent venue�being an independent vendor operating his Ye Olde Kettle Cooker® in Hershey Park, in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Ed consistently grosses over $3,000.00 per day, has had several back-to-back days with sales exceeding $4,000.00 per day, and has grossed as much as $4,800.00 in one day�on one cooker . Ed has expanded beyond Hershey Park and is receiving much local notoriety, having recently purchased his 4 th Ye Olde Kettle Cooker®. Good Job!



Mickey K. (OH) Mickey set up in front of a local Wal-Mart, and popped from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Saturday�making $1,200.00. On Sunday he ran from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and brought in another $400.00. He gave 10% to Wal-Mart. Wonderful Mick!!


Russell & Angela R. (CA) Russ & Angela did a one day show and made $1,200.00. They also have a monthly one-day event that they can always make $500.00 to $600.00. They really feel that their Ye Olde Kettle Cooker® is a real money maker, and they are truly popping their bank account full !!!!!


Ron R. (TX) During a recent visit to see his daughter, who lives in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, Ron took his cooker with him and set up on Highway 121, which runs from McKinney to Ft. Worth, Texas� a very busy highway. Ron just picked a spot on the road where traffic could easily pull off and get back on and set up his Ye Olde Kettle Cooker®, kind of like a small vegetable stand. He made $500.00 on one Saturday from people pulling off to purchase his �German Kettle Popcorn��. Talk about stopping traffic!


Jon N. (OK) John chose a one day Church fundraiser as his first event. With a historic attendance of only around 1,200, John didn't really expect to do much more than a couple of hundred dollars. He grossed over $1,100.00. After he blessed the church, and covered his expenses, he was left with $750.00 cash in his pocket. Great first show!


Russell & Angela R. (CA) Russ & Angela worked a small Octoberfest over 6 weekends in Big Bear, California and when all was said and done, they netted $5,350.00, with each weekend being better than the previous. They thought that was wonderful and hard to top, until they worked the Riverside County Fair in Indio, California where they made $5,000.00 by Friday, and popped an additional 5-50lb. bags of popcorn on Saturday. We never got the final tally, but add these two events to the $7,000.00 in sales they did at the Dade County Fair, all on a part time basis�and you can plainly see why they are �Happy Campers�. Keep up the good work!


Gary D. (NY) Gary worked a one day Foodfest in Albany, New York. He popped 300 lbs. of German Kettle Popcorn� in one day, and netted $1,300.00 after all expenses. Not bad for a days work. We had previously talked with Gary at the close of his 2001 season�his first full season with his Ye Olde Kettle Cooker®, and his second go around with some of his events. Gary said he made $20,000.00 his first season, and his second season was much better than his first, partly due to expected growth�and partly due to being able to �tweak� his calendar of events. �Great!


Ron G. (MN) The summer is going good for Ron. He has worked about 12 weekends of mostly small events, including several one-day events. Thus far he has netted close to $10,000.00. Way to go Ron!


David & Janet H. (TX) David & Janet set up in front of their local Wal-Mart during an �on-again off-again� rainy weekend. In spite of the rain they grossed $1,100.00 doing both German Kettle Popcorn and some Pork Rinds�which David said were selling like �Hot Cakes�. Pork Rinds are an excellent high profit �alternative� product, if you for some reason can't get in with your German Kettle Popcorn�. Great Job!


Danny & Janet T. (OK) Danny & Janet did Shawnee Days in Shawnee, Kansas, with a church youth, as a fund-raiser. The show was to run Friday night, Saturday and Sunday till 5:00. Friday night was totally cancelled, right after setup, due to thunderstorms and a tornado warning that had everybody on the grounds evacuating to a local church basement for shelter. With all mother natures fury, they still made $3,100.00 and split it 60/40 with the youth. So often, even when the weather is not cooperating, you can still make great money. Good Job for keeping your feet on the ground.


JR & Darlene P. (MO) JR & Darlene sold German Kettle Popcorn� for 2 days out in front of Lowe's Building Supply in Jefferson City, Missouri. They brought home $1,600.00. Can't beat that for part time weekend work! They also have a local weekend flea market that they can work, and average $100.00 per hour, anytime they don't have something else lined up.


Pete H. (PA) Did a 1 day 4 hour event , and still brought home $1,000.00 . Easy Money!


Ron G. (MN) Ron worked his first festival. Shepherd's Harvest Sheep & Llama Festival, which had a fairly small turnout�but Ron said they had an exceptionally wonderful time. Ron and many family members helped with the show and ended up making 63 batches of German Kettle Popcorn� for sales totaling $1,251.00. We can understand why Ron has �Great Expectations� for the upcoming season. Wonderful!



James & Cathy N. (CA) James & Cathy was excited to inform us about their 1 st event, Santa's Workshop in Ridgecrest�a 2 day event in a small town. On Saturday they sold $1,200.00 and $600.00 on Sunday, for a total of $1,800.00. They actually ran out of supplies 30 minutes before the event closed. Talk about to close for comfort. Way to go!


Ed & Lyn H. (TX) Ed & Lyn ran 2 Ye Olde Kettle Cookers® at Main Street Art & Craft Festival in Ft. Worth, Texas. They went through 3,500 lbs of popcorn. Now that's a ton of popcorn�well almost. We gotta admit�Ed and Lyn do a pretty good job of hustling German Kettle Popcorn�. Way to go Ed and Lyn.


Berry & Mary B. (VT) Just the two of them worked Vermont Historical Expo in Turnbridge, Vermont. On Saturday they did $1,084.00 and on Sunday they made $988.00�a grand total of $2,072.00. Barry & Mary have also acquired some other events because their equipment and trailer were professionally made and clean!


Mike & Delores H. (WA) Mike & Delores had a regular customer visit their produce stand shortly after they took delivery of their Ye Olde Kettle Cooker ®. Delores offered him some fresh German Kettle Popcorn � and the customer politely declined saying �No Thanks, I've tried other kettle corn elsewhere and I don't care for it�. Delores insisted he take a free bag with him and let her know what he thought of her German Kettle Popcorn�, freshly popped in their new Ye Olde Kettle Cooker ®. This same customer is now so hooked on Delores & Mikes German Kettle Popcorn � that he purchases a bag on every visit to their produce stand. He is so impressed in fact, that during a recent visit, when Delores mentioned that she was considering changing to a different brand of popcorn, he emphatically stated �Don't change � Don't mess with perfection�.


Greg T. (Texas) Greg recently participated in his 5th Renaissance Fair in Norman, OK and made $5,700. He admittedly could've made over $6,000.00 if he hadn't run out of popcorn! A local radio talk show, television station and newspaper all did stories on the success of Greg's �Kettle Popcorn�� at the fair and how he constantly had huge lines at his stand. Everybody else at the fair wondered where all the people were at� they were at Greg's stand buying ' em that great German Kettle Popcorn�.


Russell & Angela R. (Cal) On the weekend of June 2nd they did an event at the Del-Mar Racetrack in California and made $810 profit after paying all entry fees, with only 1,200 people showing up all weekend . They were only set up half a day on Friday and from 10:00 a.m. � 5:00 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday. This was their first event, after only owning their cooker for one week. Way to go guys!


Gary D. (NY) Gary recently did an event near his hometown and said that � this is to easy!' He made $800 at this small event and hardly worked. He kept expecting the sheriff to come and arrest him for making money so easily. The crowd there loved the popcorn and felt they were getting a great deal for their money. This was also Gary's first event after purchasing his cooker on May 2nd. He is very happy with his cooker and is looking forward to upcoming events where he also plans on doing pork rinds (Gary recently purchased our pork rind adapter kit). Keep up the good work Gary!


Cliff M. (MO) Cliff did an event in April in Post, TX and used five 45 lb. boxes of pork rinds before running out of pork rinds on Saturday, with the event still having one day to go. His cost was $63.00 per box, but he made $300 + per box. He figured that at a good event he could use 10 to 12 45lb. Boxes for pork rinds. Wow! That's a lot of pork rinds. Not as profitable as the German Kettle Popcorn��but a great product and an excellent money-maker.


Don S. (FL) Don and his wife did an event in May in North Georgia for �Bank Customer Appreciation Days' which lasted for two days. The lines formed almost immediately as the popcorn was FREE . On Friday of the event they started at 9:00 a.m. and was told by the bank president to shut down at 2:00 p.m., but since the line was so long they didn't stop popping until 4:30 p.m. On Saturday they started at 9:00 a.m. again and was told to shut down at noon, but didn't get to quit popping until 2:30 p.m. The bank paid them $1,000 for the two-day event, plus supplies, and they got invited back next year.


Pete H. (PA) Pete set up at a local Wal-Mart and paid Wal-Mart 25% of his gross, and Wal-Mart in turn �matched� the funds and donated them to the 'World War II Memorial Fund'. During the entire 6-week period that Pete was doing this, his local Wal-Mart was the # 1 store in the nation donating to the World War II Memorial fund .


Bill & Judy A. (OK) Bill and Judy are on the road this summer and they did Ann Arbor Arts Festival in Ann Arbor, MI. The weather was great as was the crowd. They had many non-stop streaks. By popping ahead early in the morning they were able to keep up and did over $7,500.00 at that show. When Bill & Judy hit the road they had just two events lined up�the Ann Arbor Arts Fair, and a second event the following weekend. With some diligent work, and being flexible, they were able to keep busy doing events for 12 straight weekends before they headed home. Persistence and being flexible paid big dividends.




1996 - 2000


Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri may hold the record. They won't reveal the dollar amount�but it has been verified that they popped over 850lbs of German Kettle Popcorn� in one day�on one Ye Olde Kettle Cooker®, during Thanksgiving weekend 1999. Best we can figure, that was over $5,000.00. A pretty good return on investment.


Stan W. (TX) Stan agreed to do an Arts & Craft/ Flea Market that is 80 miles from his house and historically draws only 2,000 to 3000 people, for the 2½ event. In all honesty�we would have passed on the event. Stan popped 550 pounds of German Kettle Popcorn�, which is 11- 50lb. bags of popcorn, with only 2,700 people in attendance. That's well over $3,000.00, and he didn't even work Friday. This has turned into a monthly goldmine for Stan� and we couldn't be happier. Stan is a terrific person and has a terrific family. We wish him the best for years to come,


Lou C. (CT) Lou recently did $1,900.00 in one day! He had two lines 35-45 minutes long�and as Lou puts it...�just like your pictures!�. In his efforts to obtain events he has faxed several Chamber of Commerce offices and he is booked for the season! WAY TO GO LOU!


Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri has had multiple 13+ 50lb bag days during the 1998 season. That's $3,000.00 to $4,000.00 days. WOW!


Vernon K. (IA) Vernon, his partner and family recently set up at the Orange Festival, and as Vernon enthusiastically, yet simply put it� �We were SO BUSY! It was great !