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[Ye Olde Kettle Cooker®]
Concessions Manufacturing Co. LLC
"World's Leading Manufacturer of Kettle Corn Cookers!"
34320 South 620 Road | PO Box 450430 | Grove, OK 74345-0430
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® As featured on "THE VIEW" (ABC) July 3, 2006

sales information

Lining up for popcorn!It is difficult to determine how much the "Ye Olde Kettle Cooker®" can make in profits. We have demonstrated the cooker by participating in numerous special events of varying sizes the same as you would, cooking and selling product. All of our demonstrations to date have been with our German Kettle Popcorn®, and using our pricing of $2.00, $3.00 and $5.00 bags the Kettle will produce as much as $350.00 to $400.00 per hour, hour after hour with a steady crowd. Cost of goods sold (corn, oil, sugar, bags, propane) typically runs from 10% to 12% of gross sales, depending on price fluctuations on the products, amount of samples given away and how well you are popping the corn, i.e. (unpopped kernels don't bring much money).

There are other variable costs such as space rent, percentage overrides to event organizers, travel and sometimes extra help if the event is large enough. These costs vary from event to event and of course the travel expenses vary depending on the distances from your home base.

Other variables include the weather and the event itself. The larger the special event the larger the crowd and the longer the lines. We have done events where we have had a constant line non-stop all day long, even up to an hour after the event was officially closed, while other events are just slower. Of course bad weather can dampen even the largest events. For the most part cooker owners have been very satisfied with the amount of money they are making, typically earning more than they anticipated. Some average up to $3,000.00 to $4,000.00 per weekend. One owner recouped his entire cash investment in less than four months.

In 1997 we unveiled our non-profit fund raising program. This has proven to be an excellent income producer and can be done in and around your hometown. You raise money for your local church youth groups, scouts, school band members, etc. and make good money doing it. There are likely more organizations willing to participate than you can handle. The majority of retail stores and local business's generally will let you set up outside their establishment and sell the German Kettle Popcorn®to help the youth. You have no labor because the kids help you package and sell the product. They do an excellent job of passing out samples and selling, and the buyers are doubly pleased, because in addition to getting the product, which they can't purchase anywhere else, they are helping their local youth.

This program greatly extends the scope and income producing avenues of your Ye Olde Kettle Cooker® to greater potential and more business days. In our non-profit market study we had numerous organizations desiring to participate and we never had a turn down from a business to allow us to set up in front of their establishment. We were well pleased with the sales and our share of the profits, as was the church youth groups we worked with. They receive a lot more money with a lot less effort than the typical bake sales, car washes and candy bar sales. With this program you can utilize the cooker and make steady money off of it on a daily basis, if desired. This program and other money making ideas for your cooker is further outlined in our sales manual.