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® As featured on "THE VIEW" (ABC) July 3, 2006

kettle corn cooker equipment packages

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Ye Olde Kettle Cooker® - Model 115TS
Tent Setup with Model 115TS
X-PAND-A® Concession Trailer setup


Concessions Manufacturing Co. LLC offers an array of kettle corn cooker packages, designed to meet the needs of Amusement Parks, Family Entertainment Centers, Professional Concessionaires, and individual home based business "weekend warriors" alike.  Ranging from our top of the line Premier Concession Trailer unit, with our patent pending X-Pand-A® design, to our Complete Mobile Package with trailer, tent, tables, etc., to our Amusement Park - Permanent Location cooker only package; each package includes the cooker and essential accessories to operate it in the given venue for which it is being purchased.  

You can go with our standard published packages, or pick and choose by changing out various items of the package. For example, if you already have a trailer, or tent and tables, we can quote a package excluding these items.  We'll even customize your trailer to accommodate the equipment package, should you desire.  We are always available to offer our professional and experienced help.   We continue to do market studies, develop and test new equipment, accessories, novel ideas, research improvements to the old, and add new features"passing along these new proven processes, improvements, items, equipment or ideas in our newsletters for your benefit and success.  


We utilize only "top of the line" aluminum trailers, manufactured to the highest government standards. As an authorized dealer for several trailer manufacturers, we stock a large selection of cargo trailers, and you can choose from an array of cargo trailers or concession trailers. The standard trailer with our Complete Mobile Package is a tandem axle 6'x12' customized trailer with rear and side doors. You may decide on a smaller 5'x10' single axle trailer, or a larger tandem axle trailer"which is probably our most popular package upgrade. Also available are ramp doors, inside lights, etc. We customize our trailers so every item has a place, and every item is securely fastened in place, either on the floor or the walls; no space is wasted, everything is tightly secured. The cooker has its own rails and lock down system plus loading rails. There is ample room to carry your raw product. The trailers range from a variety of sizes from 5'x10' to 8'x16'.


The Premier Concession Trailers are custom manufactured to our specifications and patent pending design, to uniquely accommodate our "Ye Olde Kettle Cooker®", and are very conducive to the kettle popcorn business. The open design "showcases" the kettle cooker and the old fashion "demonstrating art" way of making kettle korn.  The back of the concession trailer is designed with a unique split ramp door. The lower half, when opened, becomes a platform to stand on, adding an extra 4 feet of trailer (34 square of work space), under canopy.  You can use this extra workspace to work off of while bagging and selling product, or for stacking raw product ...bottled water...soda, etc.  You can also use the rear split ramp door as an actual "ramp" to easily move your "Ye Olde Kettle Cooker®" in and out of the trailer, should you have a venue that is best served by operating the cooker outside of the trailer, i.e., inside a building, under a gazebo, under a tent, or other structure such as at a boardwalk, water park, amusement park, FEC, etc. The top half of the split ramp design, when opened, becomes a canopy that can be completely screened in...if required.

Our uniquely designed concession trailers serve as a complete covered trailer with interior 12v & 110v lighting, open side windows, 4-compartment stainless steel sinks (3+1), upper & lower cabinets, countertop work space, pressurized hot & cold water with both fresh water & gray water holding tanks, exhaust fan, side entrance door, propane tanks, etc. You can operate your kettle corn business directly out of the concession trailer, with minimal (nearly nonexistent) setup and tear down, and/or the trailer can be used to transport the cooker package to a special event location, whereby you can easily remove the kettle cooker & accessories, and operate it in a tent setup, building, etc. (as mentioned above), in those occasional opportunities that would require this...or sometimes to get a better location by operating from the tent setup.


While our standard packages have been carefully put together utilizing years of hands-on experience, to meet the needs of the majority of venues our kettle popcorn cookers are typically placed, we recognize the benefits of being flexible in those instances where special need(s) require a customized package. We also feel strongly, that in the end, it always pays to deal with a company, staffed with professional and experienced people who have been where the rubber meets the road.   Please feel free to pick up the phone and call us, if for nothing more than to pick our brains and feel confident we are what we say we are " professionals, and the experts in the kettle popcorn business.

We invite you to link to our various kettle popcorn cooker equipment packages, and additionally suggest that you review the section on cargo and concession trailers. We are ready to answer your questions or suggest a special trailer, or equipment package to meet your needs.

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Concessions Manufacturing's - Complete Mobile Equipment Package

Concessions Manufacturing's - Model 115TS - Amusement Park, Permanent Location, or Cooker only Package