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[Ye Olde Kettle Cooker®]
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"World's Leading Manufacturer of Kettle Corn Cookers!"
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® As featured on "THE VIEW" (ABC) July 3, 2006

kettle corn cooker


kettle cooker model 115TS 460x288


The King of Kettle Corn® Cookers


The Patented and Award Winning ®Ye Olde Kettle Cooker® ® is engineered, designed and built to cook kettle popcorn to perfection..from the now famous kettle corn to kettle caramel corn, butter flavorved, cheese, BBQ and cinnamon. Kettle cooked popcorn produces the old fashioned taste; hearty and flavorful. The original flavored popcorns were developed in the fireplace using a kettle and a wooden paddle in the 1800's. Our task was to duplicate the fireplace kettle using modern technology, while producing a 3-minute cooking operation. It was our goal to develop a real workhorse kettle cooker. The cooker was two years in the making to achieve perfection, and continues to evolve with significant improvements to maintain this industry high perfection. Designed primarily to commercially produce high volumes of kettle popcorn and other flavored popcorn, the Ye Olde Kettle Cooker® is in fact very versatile, in that it can also be used to cook pork rinds, coated nuts, kettle chips, deep-fried Twinkies®, Oreos®, funnel cakes, turkey legs, fish, fries and more.


Our kettle corn cookers are individually hand-made by highly skilled, professional craftsmen using the highest quality raw materials and UL listed parts available.   Superior to both Cast Iron and Stainless Steel as a cooking surface, our choice of material for the cooking bowl and the cooker lid is decarburized (non-carbon) steel. This material transfers heat rapidly and evenly, is the preferred cooking surface of typical restaurant equipment, and also best accommodates the porcelain ceramic coating that we apply to our cooker lids.

Our ®Ye Olde Kettle Cooker®" is further built to conform to the rigid NSF Standards, independently tested and certified by Intertek Testing Services as meeting these standards, with each cooker bearing the ETL Sanitation Listing Mark; Tested and certified to meet ANSI/NSF 2002e standards. This certification process also requires Intertek Testing to continually and randomly inspect our manufacturing facilities, the manufacturing process, our parts inventory and the finished product to assure that each cooker is manufactured to the strict standards to which we were certified.   This certification, coupled with our industry high 3-year warranty, is a testimony to the quality of our product and the strict standards to which we adhere in the manufacturing process.   We do not build some junk cooker (referred to as a ®toy® in the industry) using Hobart mixing bowls, junkyard parts, furnace valves, garage door springs or rusty old steel.   We build the highest quality kettle corn cooker in the world.  


We also periodically take cookers used in our busiest Amusement parks, after receiving thousands of hours of strenuous use and abuse, so we can remove and inspect each part to discern any weakness or improvements we need to address.   In most of these cases we refurbish their original cooker, and send it back to the park for an additional season(s) of grueling use and abuse®so we can again test the metal for fatigue, and the cooker for potential weak spots.  


The Ye Olde Kettle Cooker® is very operator-friendly.   Internal heat shields minimize the heat transfer where the operator stands, and the patented torsion spring dumping system makes dumping very easy.    Our specialty high temp. coatings on the cooker lid and cabinet allow for easy cleanup and maintenance, as does the Premier colored stainless steel we handcraft the receiving tub setup from. Optional accessories, such as the Automatic Mixer are also very operator friendly®as well as a tremendous labor saver.


The ®Ye Olde Kettle Cooker® ® has been the workhorse of kettle corn cookers, and has been independently ranked as the #1 choice among Amusement Theme parks, Family Entertainment Centers and individual Concessionaires, by FUNWORLD magazine, February 2004.   Annually, we exhibit at several national trade shows that are geared towards the Amusement, Fairs, and Concessions industries.   You cannot find a finer cooker than the ®Ye Olde Kettle Cooker® ®it is simply the best. We want you to have the best and sincerely hope you choose the ®Ye Olde Kettle Cooker® ®®The King of Kettle Corn® Cookers.

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