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[Ye Olde Kettle Cooker®]
Concessions Manufacturing Co. LLC
"World's Leading Manufacturer of Kettle Corn Cookers!"
34320 South 620 Road | PO Box 450430 | Grove, OK 74345-0430
phone: 888-POPCORN/918-786-5100 | fax: 918-786-2498

® As featured on "THE VIEW" (ABC) July 3, 2006

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Designed with a rustic look of the 1800's, each �Ye Olde Kettle Cooker®� is hand built for supreme quality, using only the best UL and/or AGA certified component parts, and is equipped with abundant safety features, internal heat shields, a porcelain ceramic coated top, baked on High-Temp 1400º finish on the cabinet and adjustable pressure regulators for precise cooking.   Our patented and award winning Ye Olde Kettle Cooker® is without question �The Cadillac of Kettle Popcorn Cookers��which explains why it is the number 1 choice among individual concessionaires as well as major Amusement Parks, where our cooker is typically subject to 12-14 hour days 7 days per week use and abuse, throughout the season(s).  


Among the more recognized Amusement Parks that feature our Ye Olde Kettle Cooker® are: Cedar Point ~ Cypress Gardens ~ Dollywood ~ Dorney Park ~ Hersheypark ~ Silver Dollar City ~ Stone Mountain ~ Paramount's Kings Dominion ~ Idlewild and Soak Zone ~ Magic Springs ~ Michigan's Adventures ~ Knoebels Groves ~ Adventureland ~ Wild Adventures Theme Park ~ Six Flags New England ~ Six Flags � The Great Escape ~ Valley Fair ~ Waldameer Park ~ Worlds of Fun, and the list goes on�as well as several Family Entertainment Centers, U-Pick-It farms, etc.   Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri has popped over 850lbs.of German Kettle Popcorn� and Hersheypark has grossed over $4,300.00 , in one day�on one Ye Olde Kettle Cooker® each.   Many patrons purchase product as they leave the park to take home with them, influenced by the fact the "German Kettle Popcorn�" will stay fresh for 10 days, and can even be frozen.


Our patented and award winning Ye Ode Kettle Cooker® is NSF compliant, being ETL Sanitation Listed: Tested and Certified to conform to ANSI/NSF 4-2002e Standards .   This, along with our 3-year warranty, is a testimony to the quality of our product and the strict standards to which we adhere in the manufacturing process.   This listing, as you are likely aware, is a very big plus with Health Departments.

We are proud members in good standing of several respected organizations within the Amusement Industry, including IAAPA, IAFE, IISF, NICA and AIMS, as well as our local Chamber of Commerce. We are also proud of the several patents and awards we have received through the years, some of which include:   �The Most Unique� awarded at the IISF Trade Show in Gibsonton, Florida; at the SunFest Waterfront Festival in West Palm Beach, Florida we were selected by the customers and SunFest's Food Committee the most favorite snack item�four years running; and at Bele Chere '98 in Asheville, NC we were selected as Outstanding Vendor! FUNWORLD magazine, the official magazine of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, declared the Ye Olde Kettle Cooker®, as �the most popular kettle cooker in the amusement industry� , in their February 2004 issue.


As a company, we pledge to do everything possible to find a way to help you purchase our equipment�to initiate and maintain a longstanding and mutually beneficial working relationship with you.   We are proud of our reputation within the industry and we stand behind our product 110%.   Our 3-year warranty is the absolute best in the industry.   If you desire to own the best�we want you to own our equipment.   We also freely provide cooker owner references to prospective buyers that are in position to make a purchasing decision.