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® As featured on "THE VIEW" (ABC) July 3, 2006

trailer units - mobile packages

xptrailer_sideview_320x239 cargotrailer_6x12_275x241 Complete Mobile unit 6x12 trailer
Patent Pending X-PAND-A� Concession Trailer
X-PANDA Concession Trailer w/graphics
Tandem Axle 6x12 Cargo Trailer setup


There are a number of trailer options and colors. We use the highest quality professionally manufactured enclosed aluminum cargo and concession trailers in the industry, for hauling the kettle cooker, accessories and supplies.   These trailers are manufactured under strict standard Federal trailer regulations.   Some of the many features in these top-of-the-line trailers are an extremely strong frame and super structure, Aluminum covering, electric brakes, emergency brake system, high-grade automotive paint finish, wood floor and walls, and optional vinyl lettering.


We customize each trailer to our rigid specifications to accommodate our cookers and accessories with specially designed brackets to hold and secure every item of the cooker package.   There is a secured rail system for the cooker to ride up and into the trailer that includes specially designed lockdown braces to secure the cooker in place while traveling.   There is additional space for popcorn, salt, oil and sugar.   The trailer has brake and clearance lights compatible with all vehicle-wiring systems.   All trailers come lettered to your specifications, with either our Ye Olde Kettle Cooker® and German Kettle Popcorn® tradenames, or your company name, phone number, etc.   These professionally built and customized durable trailers are worth their weight in gold for the mobile operator traveling to special events.



cargotrailer_insideview261x176 cargotrailer_inside_view166x180 xptrailer_inside_view263x182
Inside view of 5x10 cargo trailer
Inside view of 6x12 cargo trailer
Inside view of X-PAND-A Concession Trailer


Financing available to qualified buyers.  Minimal down, with payments figured over 60 months, with no prepayment penalty for early payoff, after 12 monthly payments.