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For Immediate Release: February 20, 2003

Film Crew Visits Local Kettle Popcorn Manufacturer

A film crew from the nationally syndicated Food Network weekly television series "Unwrapped" spent a full day last Wednesday filming at Concessions Manufacturing Co. Inc. south of Grove, OK. The focus of the filming was a "behind the scene" look at the manufacturing of the Patented and Award winning Ye Olde Kettle Cooker® and the making of their wonderfully popular German Kettle Popcorn®.

This segment of "Unwrapped", scheduled to air sometime this spring, takes a look at the most popular Amusement Park snacks, including German Kettle Popcorn®, which ranks among the top grossing snack foods in several major Amusement Parks throughout the USA including Silver Dollar City, Hersheypark, Six Flags and Paramount Parks.

Concessions Manufacturing Co. Inc. is recognized as having been very instrumental in ushering in the current "rage" over kettle popcorn. With sales to both Amusement Parks and individual concessionaires, Concessions Mfg. has placed Ye Olde Kettle Cooker® units throughout the Continental United States, and as far away as Canada, Hawaii and Malaysia. With spring deliveries scheduled for Celebration City in Branson, Missouri; Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri and Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, 2003 is already gearing up to be another banner year for the company.

Contact Information: Dan Turrel or Tiger Tracy,
Concessions Manufacturing Co. Inc.
PO Box 450430
34320 South 620 Road
Grove, Oklahoma 74345-0430
Tele: 918-786-5100 / 888-POPCORN
Fax: 918-786-2498
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November 25, 2002: For Immediate Release

Kettle Popcorn Accessories Introduced at IAAPA Tradeshow

115TS unitConcessions Manufacturing Ltd. Co. of Grove, Oklahoma introduced the newest improvements and additions to their Ye Olde Kettle Cooker® Model 115TS, German Kettle Popcorn® cooker at the IAAPA 2002 Convention and Tradeshow, held last week in Orlando, Florida. The most noted improvement was the aesthetically attractive Titanium coated Gold colored stainless steel receiving tub setup used to receive the finished German Kettle Popcorn®, and to sieve out the unpopped kernels and broken pieces prior to bagging. Howard Turrel, Manager and spokesperson, noted that while the copper receiving tub setup was aesthetically beautiful, it is very high maintenance and hard to keep looking new. The Titanium coated colored stainless steel is much better looking than standard silver stainless steel, and every bit as aesthetically beautiful as the copper, but additionally offers the low maintenance easy clean up of stainless steel ...which is also very appeasing to health departments.

The newest addition to the line of accessories for the Ye Olde Kettle Cooker® is the Automatic Mixer. A prototype was unveiled and received with enthusiasm last year at IAAPA 2001, and now, with over a year and a half of grueling field tests and "working out the bugs", the accessory is available for purchase. The Automatic Mixer is an incredible labor saver, allowing for the reduction of crew personnel. It also produces a better pop, with less unpopped kernels and broken pieces, due to the consistent stirring motion and less intrusive action than the paddle. While true that using the Automatic Mixer takes away from the "demonstrating art" typically associated with the popping of kettle popcorn, it must be noted that there are many venues where this is not important, and the savings in labor and reduction in food cost allow this accessory to pay for itself in short order. On the other hand, if the particular special event or venue requires, or benefits from, doing it the old fashion "1800's demonstrating art" way (manually with the paddle), this unique accessory can be installed and/or uninstalled in under two minutes.

Contact: Tiger Tracy,
Concessions Manufacturing Ltd. Co.
PO Box 450430 Grove, OK 74345-0430
Phone: 918-786-5100
Fax: 918-786-2498
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August 21, 2001: For Immediate Release

The Awards Keep Rolling In!

Concessions Manufacturing Co. Inc. of Grove, Oklahoma is the proud recipient of three prestigious awards bestowed on their Ye Olde Kettle Cooker® and German Kettle Popcorn®. At the 1998 IISF Tradeshow in Gibtown, Ye Olde Kettle Cooker® received the "Most Unique - Inside Building 2" award, receiving a beautiful wall plaque. At Sunfest '98 and '99 in Palm Beach County, Florida, the German Kettle Popcorn® was voted "Most Favorite Snack Food" by the general public "2 years running" and at Bele Chere held in Asheville, N.C. the Ye Olde Kettle Cooker® booth was awarded 2nd place for "Best Vendor". According to Dan Turrel, manager, television coverage is also quite extensive as local TV stations around the country try to capture on film for their nightly news, the "demonstrating art" of producing the German Kettle Popcorn® using a paddle and the rustic old fashioned 1800s style Ye Olde Kettle Cooker®.

The new model KC115TS with stainless steel torsion springs is effortless to dump and is equipped with an internally mounted automatic safety gas valve, and strategically placed internal insulated heat shields that protects both the plumbing and the operator from the high temperature required to produce Kettle Corn. The porcelain Ceramic coated lid is the absolute finest finish available, Enabling easy clean up to keep the cooker looking near new.

For further information, please contact Tiger Tracy;
Concessions Manufacturing
PO Box 450430 Grove, OK 74345-0430
Phone: 918-786-5100 | Fax: 918-786-2498
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